Terms & Conditions


I. Terms - General provisions in the purchase and sale of goods

1. Usage Agreement

– When using the service at kelvinandlux.com (through your account registration or direct purchase (skip the registration/login step), it means that you agree to the terms set forth by the customer.” Regulations of Kelvin & Lux Company. 

– Kelvin & Lux Company reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove the terms of use. Changes are effective immediately upon posting on the website without prior notice.  

– It is your responsibility to review the latest Terms and Conditions each time you place an order. Your continued use of the website means that you accept those changes. 

– You must register an account with authentic information about yourself and must update if there are any changes. Each visitor is responsible for his or her password, account, and activity on the website. You must notify us of unauthorized access to your account. We do not accept any responsibility, directly or indirectly, for damage or loss caused by your failure to comply with the regulations.

2. Accept order and price

– The Terms and Conditions specified by the company are applied to all orders. 

– We will not deliver until your Order has been accepted.

– When you submit an order to us, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel the order for any reason at any time. 

– We are committed to providing the most accurate price information to consumers. However, sometimes errors still occur, depending on the case, we will contact you for instructions or notice to cancel that order. We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order whether or not it has been confirmed or paid for. 


3. Cancellation by customer (for non-defective Products):

– If you want to cancel your order, please contact Customer Service. You will not have to pay any cancellation fee. 

4. Trademarks and Copyrights

All intellectual property rights (registered or unregistered), informational content, and all design, text, graphics, software, images, video, music, sound, software compilation software, the source code, and the underlying software are our property. Any illegal copying or infringement is prohibited. 

5. Confidentiality of customer information:

Kelvin & Lux is committed to protecting customer information. The use of customer information is only to provide the service or product requested by the Customer; settle arising complaints and disputes; perform obligations as prescribed by law. 

The use of information includes sharing, disclosing, and transferring personal information to third parties. 

Product quality: 

Goods are products produced and distributed by Kelvin & Lux Lamp Joint Stock Company in the market, meeting production standards promulgated by the State.  

Return and exchange policies Customers can return and exchange goods, according to the conditions specified here:

For more details or questions, please contact us via support phone number: +84 (0) 941 910 012 or email us via email: info@kelvinandlux.com 

Working time: Monday – Saturday: 08:00 AM – 05:30 PM. 

II. Transaction Process

Transaction process: 

Customers perform transactions according to the following steps: 

Step 1: log in 

Step 2: Place your order. 

Step 3: After placing the order successfully, the Customer’s “Order” will be sent to Kelvin & Lux. 

Step 4: Kelvin & Lux will check the validity of the order. 

– If the order is valid, Kelvin & Lux will send a confirmation message to the customer’s email. 

– If not valid: we will cancel your order. 

Step 5: In case the order is valid, Kelvin & Lux will deliver the goods.

Step 6: The customer checks the goods, pays (if direct payment), and receives the goods. 

Limitation of Liability 

Kelvin & Lux is committed to making efforts to ensure the safety and stability of the entire technical system. We will make every effort to immediately apply measures to ensure the interests of buyers. However, Kelvin & Lux is not responsible in case the transaction is interrupted/or cannot be performed because the service needs to be upgraded or repaired; Internet service provider’s transmission error; connection errors caused by the switchboard, and system failures caused by force majeure beyond Kelvin & Lux’s control. 

Rights and obligations of the Client: 

– To use the services provided by Kelvin & Lux to customers. 

– Receive goods according to the agreement. 

– Be responsible for the accuracy and legality of the information provided to Kelvin & Lux. 

– Full payment for goods purchased for Kelvin & Lux.  

Rights and obligations of Kelvin & Lux  

– Have the right to refuse a customer’s purchase request in case it is no longer possible to supply such goods: out of stock, insufficient quantity…… 

– Have the right to refuse delivery if the customer does not pay in full.  

– Not responsible for the information provided by the Customer.  

For more details or questions, please contact us at the support phone number: +84 (0) 941 910 012 or email us at the following email address: info@dienquang.com 

Working time: Monday – Saturday: 08:00 – 16:30. Sincerely thank. 

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